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Engaging with the Community

StoryPower is an educational project coordinated by the Helen Hudson Foundation for Homeless America that presents true stories from people who have experienced homelessness. StoryPower brings together a group of volunteer speakers who hope that their stories can encourage more people to act to end homelessness. Our presentations are designed for community organizations, schools, faith communities, civic organizations, and community events.

There is no set fee to have StoryPower speak to your organization. However, we ask organizations to contribute at least $25 to The Helen Hudson Foundation to help keep our program strong. StoryPower speakers may bring copies of Helen Hudson's book, Dinner at Six: Voices from the Soup Kitchen, to sell at the event. We are currently available to speak in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.

Community Feedback

"StoryPower speaker was astonishing.  Thank you!” – Prof. Nancy Crofts, UConn Avery Point

“Mike told his life story, which was almost unbelievable… I want StoryPower to come again. There is absolutely really nothing like first-person accounts.” - Rev William Sterrett, Amicable Congregational Church

“Thank you so much for coming to class yesterday. You were great! The students, as you could see, were totally engaged. We are sending a donation in honor of your presentation. We were all inspired by you!” – Prof. Irene Glasser, Brown University

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“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”
— Muriel Rukeyser