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Reviews of Helen's Work

Tell the Time to None, Myer Myer, The Listener, Farnsbee South, Criminal Trespass, A Temporary Residence


“Miss Hudson is a brilliant, witty writer ... her insights, similes and metaphors gleam like knife blades in the sun.”                  
— Newsweek
 “A superior writer...Miss Hudson has Charlie Chaplin’s magic way of provoking derision, sympathy, exasperation, and curiosity all with the same gesture.”
— The New Yorker
“Miss Hudson is a gifted writer...Her pliant style and warmth for her characters are uncommon virtues.” 

— The New York Times Book Review
“A fine and sensitive writer.”
— Publishers Weekly
“Luminescent prose, technical control, warm gentle feeling for the people... Known substance and expert craft fuse brilliantly.”
— Chicago Tribune
“Her touch is light, whenever we come close to weeping, she saves us with her laughter.”